Monday, 1 August 2011


you were there to light my day
you were there to guide me through
from my days down and on
i'll never stop thinking of you.

how can i forget all that
when you're the one who make me smile
you'll always be a part of me
how i wish you were still mine.

never will forget the day
how we've met and came this far
we all know we got this feeling
but somehow it has to end up here.

i know it's me who say good bye
and that the hardest thing to do
cause you mean so much to me
and guide the truth from me to you.

for all the things i've done and said
for all the hurt i've caused of you
i hope you will forgive me baby
cause that wasn't what i meant to do.

Puasa Sudaa

too busy melayan prasaann sampi oya tapasan da pose da??
so.. di kesempatan ini oya nak wishh hepy ramadhan to all followers oya..
n gratitude for followin oya :)
n oya nakk war2 kan tagline baru oya..

we don't do relationship but we do value friendship!!

haha.. neyh spesially oya dediket kat insan2 yg da byk bantu oya pulihkan smgat oya.. give me back my life :)
my hope.. n cos tlg ilgkan sume2 batu bsar lam pale oya.. u guys mmg tbaek..
oya owe u all big2 one haha.. sudaa laa.. smpi stu jea kott post oya tok aryneyh!!
slamat bpose sume2..
love u guys!!!